January 20, 2013

Reference List

Walt Prothero
Author of Safari: A Dangerous Affair and seven other books, and over 400 magazine articles.
Field Editor, Wild Sheep magazine.
Contributing Editor, Sports Afield magazine.
Professor of zoology and English at Weber State University.

“I’ve hunted with John and his outfit throughout Namibia, from a rogue bull elephant in the East Caprivi, to a Namib Desert backpack for Oryx, to crocodiles up on the Cunene River on the Angola border, with a handful of plains game on the side.  None of it was fenced, and all absolutely fair chase.

In near three decades of safaris throughout Africa–with experienced outfits in the famed game fields of Ma’asailand and the Ugalla in Tanzania, the pristine and spectacular Okavango Delta a decade before the tourist lodges and motorized dugouts, from Zimbabwe from one end to another, and elsewhere–I’ve found no outfit more efficient or productive.  That efficiency makes for a relaxed safari, and while body count shouldn’t be important, it is, because we lavish more shekels than we should and vaporize more time making a safari off our home continent.  With me, anyway, John is 100%. Few do it better!”

James Reed
African Sporting Gazette

“It is said that the true African safari is a thing of the past.  That the sense of adventure is lost in hunting from trucks and five star lodges. Pro-Guiding Namibia still believes in the adventure of safari and breathing in all Africa has to offer from Luxury tented safaris or backpack hunt for plains-game and leopard to foot safaris tracking elephants in Botswana, I have walked the trails and slept under the stars with Pro-Guiding Namibia. The true essence of African Safari!”

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