December 26, 2012

Books & Articles.


1. Pete Cottrell Backpack article – Man Magnum Magazine.

2. Edmund Blanc Prize.

CIC Edmond Blanc Price

3.Walt Prothero Elephant Article.

4.Walt Prothero Crocodile Article.

5. African Hunter II (A Backpack Safari in the Namib) – Craig Bodington.



6. Safari A Dangerous Affair (4 x Stories)- Walt Prothero

  1. Safari Hunters Journal – Namibia Mountain Hunt with Steve Scott.

  2. Sports AField –  Africa on High July-Aug 11 Mountain issue Article -with James Reed.

  3. Sports AField – The Grand Old Man SA May-June 10 Article – with James Reed.

  4. Swarovski Optic Quest.

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